Focuswriter - Just you and your words.

Since not feeling really well I have been dabbling in a few programs. Like note programs and journal programs local stuff not online. My plan was to copy each post I make here and put it in a nice journal program on my laptop.

I ran across this neat simple program for writers. I am not a writer but I do tend to ramble on in my journal. So I installed it and I really liked it. Thought I would leave this video in case, there in a windows version.

I actually edited the theme and put my livejournal graphics in focus writer now if I use it it feels like I am making a post here :)
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Today's Music

I just got done with watching this and the explanation and or proof of the degraded music. Emotionally I feel sad and angry about it. But at least I can search for music and avoid this as much as I can.

Its like when you are a child and find out some things that made life magical is not true. That's the emotional response I got from watching that. But also at least I know type of feeling. Also I understand now what Madonna was complaining about Lady GaGa, she can't do anything about it because she is apart of it also.

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It us

I keep seeing memes about loved ones that have passed on. Most say that the Loved ones can't be with us for Christmas and to light a candle.

The truth is WE can't be with them! Were not done yet!
Raining - Lavender


I never really paid attention to Jackson Browne but keep hearing this song everywhere and now it is in my head.

Your Welcome.

Kinda calming song ...
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Breaking Bad | My Baby Blue - The Heisenberg Supercut

Warning spoilers about the series if you have not watched it.

I loved the scenes put together with the song. I loved the series, the acting, the moral choices and its consequences over the period of time changing the characters for some better and some worse.

This series is why I watch "Better Call Saul" I loved he cheesy, sleazy lawyer in Breaking bad and "Better Call Saul" shows where he came from and how he got o where he was in Breaking Bad along with Mike and some others.