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Other Than Teavana

For the last few years I have been getting into teas. For the most part the teas I had in my home were different green teas and herbal teas, mainly Nettle tea, Raspberry tea and Teeccino Herbal Coffee. About a year ago we walked into a Teavana and tasted Youthberry and Orange blossom. It was a mix with white tea. It tasted great and we got a few ounces which came out to be a little over 50.00. It was around Christmas and we were walking through a very nice mall.

I guess it was expensive, I still have it so it has lasted a very long time. I just received a large bag of it as a gift from my Niece, which I wish she would not spend that on me!

Well, this year I have been trying more teas and I have mainly been drinking White tea, Oolong teas, Rooibos (good for stomach complaints, heart healthy and great for teeth) peppermint and wild mints (great for stomach issues and relaxing). I have also purchased Winterberry (Husband's favorite from Teavana) and Strawberry and Creme (from Teavana). I like to have a few cups of the blends over the weekend and during the week, I have my regular rooibos or white tea and peppermint or wild mint tea at night.

What I have not thought about doing until recently was look for other tea stores or online stores. I have ordered tea from Stashtea, I get my peppermint and wild mint which they call "Super Mint" tea from stash and it is very very good. I buy it in bags. Also I bought my Rooibos and white tea in bags in bulk from Amazon.

So I wondered if I could find a fruity blend that tastes as good as Teavana's for less money. I do think they are outrageous on the blends, I understand some of the prices like for White Needle tea would be extremely high normally at any place.

I like my blends to have white tea or Rooibos because White tea has less caffeine and Rooibos has no caffeine.

I looked around and saw a loose leaf blend of Rooibos called "Organic Cranberry Orange Rooibos Blend" by Positively Tea I love cranberry and orange! So I ordered a pound and am going to split that with my Niece. It costs 17.95 for that pound.

So I thought I would look on Teavana and check out a tea close to that. The one I would pick is called "Rooibos Tropica Rooibos Tea" by Teavana. It does not have cranberry which is what I really wanted. And for a pound it costs 54.84. Rooibos is cheaper because it is not a tea it is a plant or bush from Africa The generic name comes from the plant Calicotome villosa. The Teavana has more fruit in it, but what I really wanted was just cranberry and orange.

I then noticed that Positively Tea's had many types of teas and all the prices were lower than Teavana, much lower, plus Positively Tea's are all organic and labeled USDA Organic. I could not find anything that says Teavana's teas were organic and I noticed in the ingredients listed was "artificial flavoring".

The Positively Tea's organic Rooibos, Cranberry and Orange tea came today! It said that for one cup use a half of teaspoon up to one and a half teaspoon. I decided to use one teaspoon. I steeped it for three mins. And it was exactly what I wanted! I could taste the Rooibos and the cranberry and the orange and it was so good!

Teavana claims you can re seep the tea up to three times. I only ever re seeped it twice. So I thought to re seep this new tea and it was soo good! I liked it so much I re seeped it a third time, it was good! Maybe not as strong as the first two times. So I know I will re seep at least two times which is what I do with Teavana's Winterberry, Youthberry Orange blossom and Strawberry and Cream. By the way it costs 103.84 for a pound of Strawberry Cream White Tea! It tastes so good but it also has artificial flavoring. It tastes good hot or cold. I know the white tea is more expensive than rooibos but really that is a high price, I think I got 4 ounces which was 25.96.

Looking at Positively Tea's White tea choices I would pick "Organic White Champagne Raspberry" which for a pound 33.95. And it is certified organic with all natural ingredients.

Another site I ran into was adagio.com It has a larger selection than Positively Tea but its prices are higher, not as high as Teavana's but close. One neat thing about this site is that customers can mix their own tea to make their own blends and it can be listed on the site for others to buy, if other customers but your mix then you will get points for future purchases. You can name your blend and have that name on the label with graphics.

I am happy I found other sites with competitive prices. And I am really happy I found the "Organic Cranberry Orange Rooibos Blend" by Positively Tea a great organic product for a great price!

If you run across this post and know of more awesome tea places, please let me know!



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Apr. 17th, 2015 09:37 am (UTC)
Oh, I do love teas. Mostly I drink British Black Tea - especially when I am watching a British show. ;)

Oolong, love it. Have it whenever I hit any Asian restaurant.
Apr. 17th, 2015 07:10 pm (UTC)
Both are VERY nice. I miss oolong because of the caffeine, I think by fall I will be able to drink it on a regular basis!

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