Spring Nights Forever

Everything is renewed in Spring.

I am a reader. I usually read Thrillers, Mysteries, Historical Fiction, Sometimes Science Fiction, Sometimes Fantasy. Once in awhile I will read a light contemporary or light hearted mystery series. For Non Fiction I will read books on theology or books about the mind or brain or both.

I am a Christian. Not the type you might find, but a searching out and delving into text sort of Christian.

I am always looking for alternatives to any pharmaceuticals. So I like essential oils which have proven themselves to me.

Tea Tea TEAS! I love tea English style. But also have a coffee.

Love all sorts of music and search for new stuff and or stuff I missed and never heard on you Tube. I also like XM Radio.

My favorite season is Spring, I love rain, rainy days, thunderstorms and especially sun showers. The air is so alive.

I don't like to talk about politics, no one is listening to each other, it is so pointless.